Friday, August 4, 2017

Lizards in Love

I'm sharing a little Sasayaki Glitter August inspiration with you today.  There is a story behind this card if you stick to the end.  I honestly think these little Lizzies are absolutely adorable and I had such fun creating something they could camouflage to (is that how you would say it?).  Here's my card using Lizards in Love -

Here's the story.  I live in Hawaii and the little lizards on the card (whom I love) remind me of these lizards below which abound in and around my home (which I do not love) -

Some of them recently set up house in my air conditioner and quite honestly, they have no control over their bodily functions.  Usually I have a live and let live attitude when it comes to wild life, but these guys crossed the line.  I declared war on them and went after them with my vacuum cleaner.  I think for the time being I have won.  Hopefully they will just continue to play outside in our yard and laugh at us from afar (they have a high pitched laughing type call).

So, I will bring this little rant to a close and suggest that you check out the cute lizards from Sasayaki Glitter on Facebook and the Etsy Store and get your hands on some of these darling images!



  1. Such a fun card Brenda and I love how they were coloured to resemble the little critters you are so familiar with!! xx

  2. Lovely colours and the heart die-cut works well.


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